Reflections-Sandbach, A Review of the year

So, an interesting year! Started the year waiting for the opportunity to use the camera. Living in Crewe and started February of this year in Sandbach. Decisions taken to try to build the business alongside the day job. Out and about in Cheshire snapping away. Trying to gain inspiration, trying to find a foothold in a competitive market. Then, one October night, talking about dreams, we decided to move, Sandbach, the quite market town in the heart of South Cheshire came calling. I remember when we first lived here, Vicarage Lane, bringing Vicky home some twenty years ago. More later, oh and Jod is just up the road, find it fascinating! So anyway, how did the year progress. On a professional front, very well. On a private front not so good. At Christmas my favourite boy passed away… Rescued from Spain and the ultimate character… We always referred to him as Disney Dog because he had the look that would stop people in their tracks. Peaceful, passionate and utterly loyal. Two years as a pub wandering the streets of Spain and he adopted us… except, it came with an add-on. Take the Hobster you take Lady two. So we ended up with two Spaniards, one Welsh and a black, ‘proper’ dog called Jess. That was a while ago. I sit here now with Jess, the mad Welsh bitch (she is female, so not a slight) and Lady the gloriously loving Spanish señorita. So as you can see, I love photographing most things! Weddings, pets, people and life in general!