Reflections Sandbach – Pub Dog

Those of you that know me will be well aware of my fondness, or, dare I say, addiction to The Beer Emporium. There are two reasons for this: Good beer and, more importantly, the fantastically interesting people one meets.

Yesterday was Tim the pilot. An exceptionally lovely man and today was Duncan the artist. larger than life itself and a personality that glows, you could not wish to meet a better man. how can somebody you meet by chance so enrich your life? He is patient, empathetic, considerate and a natural teacher. I learnt so much in the hour a spent in his company than the hours spent on the internet. Why are the two most influential people so diverse in their approaches to life?

One is dark, desperate and fantastically brilliant, the other is bright, colourful and, fantastically brilliant. Two ends of the same rainbow.

living here in Sandbach has brought so much to my life. So many characters with so much to offer life.

This is a shot of Liam, the next brew going into the stream that loosens the heart and tongue.

However, Duncan and his dogs take president today. Two beautiful animals that worship and adore their master. So, a quiet pint turns into a life changing, career enhancing moment. I know appreciate triangles, toe to nose to heel, it works…