Reflections Sandbach -Heartache

Well you met Clive, cracking chap whom I have the up-most respect for. However, there is another young man who stole my heart completely and became the only model who never kicked off when I said, “Let’s try this lens!” My wife and daughter would play the game for about a minute, Vix for less than a nano second. She would do the whole hands up heads down, why do you have to do that dad thing.

This model never complained.He was always the willing, unsuspecting model. I wish he was here in Sandbach with us. Not the best picture of him but this was early days with a Nikon D3200 and a lot of messing.

History lesson… Probably around 2011 we went to Spain to visit some friends, on the first night, walking down the road, crickets doing their Mediterranean thing that makes a holiday, when we were accosted by two furry clad peros. Skinny, unfed and two years of street life under their collars. Winters spent under a bridge, drawing warmth from each other in the deep snow.

To cut the story short: Ruth ‘Ignore them.” Ruth, a week later, “They are going to die!” Me, three days later, ” So, if we cash the endowment in…”

There followed four months of angst, tears, visits to the now defunct quarantine centre in Chester and the 1st of January….. They were home.

Loads of fun ensued before last Christmas. A mild seizure was followed by a major one. We spent the night holding him, praying for him, crying over him… 5 hours later he passed.

I still feel the pain of the loss of a friend but now I am getting used to it as more of my closest friends hang up the chalk to enjoy a well-earned retirement. That said, there will never be another Hobie… Miss you pal,