Reflections Sandbach – Competition

Being a member of South Cheshire Chamber of Commerce I get inundated with emails. One caught me eye….

Wedding photography competition for Crewe Hall, five categories including first dance…

Well, in for a penny in for a pound!First dancers, can you slow down a little so we don’t need to rack up the ISO and shutter speed? In fact just stand still, in the setting sun, and hold it…

Then again that would kill the moment… I have investigated further and the first dance needs flash set to rear sync.. In other terms, the flash goes off at the end of the shot so people moving in the background are blurred out and focus falls on the bride and groom.

What I love about this photo is the fact it only has the groom, but look at that face! He is looking directly into the eyes of his new wife, the cat that got the cream.

This next one was tough, light was minimal and I knew that the next day I was back to shoot full bridal wear with chickens, horses and Chip the dog.. .

it worked but could be better.I expect to not finish in the top three, but one must chance the odd arm… Just looking at this again and it needs toning down… ho hum.

Oh well I have an ace up my sleeve, will work on it tomorrow.

Ruth and I never had a first dance, but we have no need. We can dance, laugh and cry openly, together. Safe in the knowledge that our love requires little more than some compassion, understanding and forgiveness.

First dance is important, last dance is forever…

Sandbach 28/04/17