Reflections Sandbach 2

So what came next in the journey. Well, a chance meeting between a colleague of my wife and her friend. Hayley had recently been married in Italy and had a fabulous wedding. No, I didn’t get to go on that trip! However, she had a second reception close to where we live now, in sunny Sandbach. I was offered the opportunity to be the fly on the wall photographer. To say, come the day, I was nervous is an understatement! But the expression ‘learning by doing’ really takes on a true meaning with photography. yes I made mistakes, yes I got some good shots, yes I learnt a great deal.

So, I wandered I shot I enjoyed the night. It was the editing that came as a shock. More learning, more experimenting more late nights. One thing I have learnt is that you need to persevere and not lose hope. Workflow planning is key and taking time to ask the questions of yourself and to seek out solutions and answers. They are out there, just takes some time. Each question has an answer which brings more questions. Looking for the unusual, the different, the killer shot. Still love this of the grooms shoes! Not the best but it attracted my eye.  Onwards and upwards. The journey continues and the next few months would bring some interesting opportunities and the chance to meet and work for and with some fabulously talented people.